Program Details and Eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements for the GCP research credits program?

  1. Applicant must be a researcher at a regionally accredited academic institution in the United States, or degree granting institution in one of the following countries:

    Czech Republic
    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    United States

    We hope to expand to other geographies. If you are ineligible to apply for the program today, please complete the interest form.


What can Google Cloud Platform credits awarded through this program be used for?

  1. GCP credits can be used for any computing services on Google Cloud Platform such as storage, compute, and data analysis. Credits may not be used for Google Cloud support packages. Credits must only be used for research described in the proposal section of your application. If you would like GCP credits for classroom teaching, please visit the Education Grants Program.

    Limitations: GCP credits may not be used to engage in mining cryptocurrency. Please note that credits are awarded at Google's discretion. Google reserves the right to not grant credit awards, revoke credit awards, and to change the qualifying criteria at any time.


How much are the credit awards?

  1. Awards are worth $5,000 (USD) in GCP credits. If your pilot or use-case requires more than $5,000 (USD) in credits you may apply for more within the application form.


How do I apply to the GCP research credits program?

  1. Academic researchers can apply using our online application form.


Is there a deadline to apply?

  1. We accept applications on an ongoing basis.


How long will it take for my application to be reviewed and approved?

  1. In general, we review and make decisions on applications within 4-6 weeks. You may be contacted by our team to discuss your application further if necessary. Please indicate any urgent requests or timelines within your application proposal.


Can multiple individuals from the same research proposal apply?

  1. Only one person per research proposal may apply.


Can graduate students or PhDs conducting research apply?

  1. Program eligibility requires applicants to be faculty researchers.


Can I apply for GCP credits multiple times for different research projects or proposals?

  1. Individuals may submit multiple applications for different research proposals, however each applicant is eligible for only one award per year. Please note that credits are awarded at Google’s discretion and not all applications may be supported.


Does Google prioritize certain research areas over others (e.g. Computer Science over English Literature)?

  1. No, the GCP research credit program is open to any field of academic research. We see value in supporting (and learning from!) many fields of research.


What GCP Terms of Service apply to my use of GCP services?

  1. If you have a current GCP account through your educational institution, the Terms of Service negotiated between your institution and Google will continue to apply, as before. If you do not have a pre-existing GCP account through your educational institution and must create a new account to access GCP services, the Terms of Service you must click-to-accept govern your use of GCP.


What are the tax and/or legal implications of receiving a free credit award?

  1. Researchers should consult their own tax and/or legal advisors if they have questions about the tax implications of receiving research credits from Google Cloud.


What does pricing look like for Google Cloud Platform?

  1. For current prices, see the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator.


Do credit awards expire?

  1. Credit awards must be activated within 60 days of the project start date indicated in the application form. Credit awards expire 180 days from the coupon redemption date, or when the credit amount has been fully used, whichever comes first.


How should I disclose that I received GCP credits in my research if I receive and use GCP credits?

  1. You should acknowledge the connection between your project and your use of Google Cloud Platform via a research credit, with a statement like the following: “This material is based upon work supported by Google Cloud.”


How does the GCP research credits program differ from Google Faculty Research Awards?

  1. The GCP research credits program provides credits for researchers to use Google Cloud Platform services such as cloud storage, compute, and data analysis. Credits can only be used with GCP products and services.

    On the other hand, Google Faculty Research Awards recognize and support faculty pursuing cutting-edge research in areas of mutual interest. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to universities.


What is the Google Cloud Platform Education Grants Program?

  1. The Education Grants Program provides teaching faculty in Computer Science and related engineering fields with credits to use GCP with their students in course curriculum and projects.


What documentation or training is available?

  1. Here are some resources to get started:


Who should I contact if I have any questions?

  1. For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].