Join the global Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow.

We will be talking about new approaches to computing that enable your apps to move beyond traditional divisions of PaaS and IaaS. We will also show how we are building an awesome developer experience to make you more productive.

This is a good opportunity to see behind the scenes of the world's biggest cloud, and engage with the international Cloud Platform team.

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Google Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow

Here are some goodies that you can expect at the Roadshow:

At the Keynote we’ll introduce how Google is growing and evolving cloud computing. We’ll give you an insider’s view to how we think about compute, and how we make developers’ lives easier. We’ll share how trends such as Big Data, containers and managed VMs will change how you build and maintain your apps.

From Zero to Fully-Functioning App
In just one hour we'll be showing you how easy it is to build an app running on Google Cloud Platform - from building, testing and deploying using the new developer productivity features, to scaling the app to serve thousands of requests per second.

Blurring the Iaas/PaaS Divide
We're introducing a brand new way of thinking about development for the cloud -- one which takes the best of both IaaS and PaaS but removes the false choice. What if you wanted to build an app that had the great management of one built on a PaaS platform, but needed capabilities that weren't supported. You could build it using IaaS, but you'd need to do a lot of management. In this session we'll show you how this wall can be breached, and how you can start building applications for the next version of the cloud.

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2014 Roadshows have ended. But you can still join us at GCP Live on November 4th!