Google Imagery has always been part of our Maps for consumers & APIs for web developers. Google now offers a cost-effective, accurate imagery option for use in online or offline enterprise applications, and with the rights to create new content from the imagery.


Google Maps provides the most popular and easy-to-use digital model of the world. It’s also extremely accurate. We use multiple sensors and collection platforms as self-correcting inputs from the air and ground, and we make daily improvements to our model.


Google refreshes the imagery we capture as frequently as annually in many areas. Each year that you renew your subscription with us, we can provide you with any updated imagery we have available.

Cost Effective

Aerial imagery will be provided as a service, so there are no capital costs for hardware or software. Because capacity is automatically scaled to meet unexpected demand, there’s no need for a large investment in your own data center. Google takes care of server maintenance, backups, and disaster recovery. Plus, we offer a competitive pricing model that’s more affordable than custom imagery collections or many other providers.

Flexible Delivery Options

Google offers flexible ways to retrieve imagery data. Customers can access it by:

  • Consuming Imagery as a Service via Tile Pyramid in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)*
  • Downloading source files directly from Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Derivative Rights

Google provides high-resolution imagery access to billions of users every year through Google Maps, Google Maps APIs and Google Earth. However, users of these products are not permitted to trace or extract features in Google's imagery to create or modify a derivative work. Purchase of aerial imagery from Google is required to permit these derivative rights.

Product Specifications

Imagery Resolution 6 inch (15 cm)
Positional Accuracy (CE 90) 1 meter**
Spectral Bands Red Green Blue (RGB)
Optional add-on: Near-Infrared Red Green
Processing Orthorectified and mosaicked
Bit Depth 8 bits per pixel (scaled from 12-bit source)
Projection Web Mercator
Clouds 1 percent
Snow and Ice Only permanent snow or ice above the timberline
Sun angle >= 30 degrees
Smoke / Haze 1 percent (detail is visible)
Leaf On / Off Mix of both

* Imagery is made available as a pyramid of Z/X/Y Web Mercator tiles which can easily be consumed in Google Maps APIs or third-party web map libraries. Additionally, Google Partners can configure and maintain WMS/WMTS web services to access these tiles in OGC-compliant applications.

** NOTE: Accuracy will achieve one-meter CE90 in most areas. Accuracy will not meet one-meter CE90 in areas of significant relief due to Digital Elevation Model-related errors.

Google Imagery is currently only available to U.S. customers.

Find out additional information about the Google Imagery offering & how we could potentially enhance your operations.