Google Cloud Platform Education Grants

Support FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Google Cloud Platform Education Grants.

Project Quota Increase

1. I have reached the limit of projects on which I can enable billing. Can you increase the number of billable projects?

  1. You can request a project quota increase through the console. If you are unable to make a request through the console, you may also request an increase in your billing quota via email. Please send your billing quota ID and email used to redeem the coupon to [email protected]. Once we receive your information, we will process the request and let you know when the increase has occurred.


Additional Coupons

2. What if a student runs out of money in their GCP account from their redeemed coupon? (US only)

  1. If you have leftover coupons that have not been retrieved by your students, you can request additional coupons for students who need more by using our self-service process. Please follow these instructions: 

    1. Go to the address for your students to redeem coupons.
    2. Request a coupon using the name of the student needing an additional coupon with your email address on file.
    3. Go through the same email verification flow as students.
    4. Forward the coupon code to the student once it’s emailed to you.

You can repeat this process until you use all the ​remaining ​coupons. Each student is limited to redeeming up to 3 coupons from each batch.


3. If I received a grant for a course(s), can I get more coupons for another course/future course I will be teaching?

  1. Please fill out our application form in order to receive a new set of coupons for your other course(s). We will review your application as quickly as we can once we receive it.


4. Is it possible to receive additional coupons/credits if:

  • I am expecting more students than what I listed on the application form?
  • I am about to run out of coupons or I have run out of coupons?
  • The course requires my students to use more credit than what I originally intended?

  1. Please send a request to [email protected]com stating how many additional coupons you will be needing and the reason, and we will review your request. 


Account Related Issues

5. When a student tries to redeem their coupon, it says “invalid coupon code”. Why can’t they redeem it? (US only)

  1. The coupon may have already been redeemed using another email address. Please check with your student to ensure they are logged into their preferred account when redeeming their coupon. Also, check the console to see if they logged in to the correct account. If they are unable to find the account where the coupon was applied, please send the coupon code and a screenshot of the error to [email protected].


6. I am experiencing a technical issue with my account. Would you be able to help me fix it?

    1. In order to further identify the underlying cause of the problem, we will need some additional information. Please send the following information to [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

    1. Who are the users experiencing this issue? Student and/or staff names and email addresses would be helpful for us to check further.
    2. What errors are the users experiencing? Please provide screenshots of the error message(s) if possible.


7. If I already applied the coupon to an account, can I apply it to a different account instead?

  1. No, once you apply the coupon to an account, you cannot transfer the coupon to a different account. However, you can fund projects in another account using the Billing Account created from the coupon. Here's a link for further information on modifying Billing Accounts for a project.

For other billing related questions, please refer to this link for information on setting up and managing your billing account.


Other Questions

8. Can students contact Google Cloud Platform Education Grants for help directly?

  1. Unfortunately, our program is unable to help individual students directly. Students should contact a professor for help with any issues or questions. If they need further assistance, the professor can contact us directly.


9. Who should I contact if I was unable to find an answer to my question here?

  1. For any additional questions, please contact [email protected]. The more information you can provide (screenshots of errors, coupon codes, etc.,), our team will be able to assist you better. These requests should come from the school email address provided on your application.