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It’s Back to School for many students and teachers around the world. To help you get your year off to a good start, we’ve packed this newsletter with many tips and tools. You’ve told us that you want more ideas for class, so now every newsletter will have an expanded “Teacher tools” section. Thank you for your feedback and have a great start to the 2015-16 school year.
This Just In
Tune in for the Google Science Fair Awards Ceremony
Find out the winners of the 2015 Google Science Fair on September 21st during the Awards Celebration live stream. From transporting Ebola vaccines to detecting early cardiac disease, the projects of the global finalists will surely change the world.
Because 50 tips wasn't enough
Going back to school can be hectic. Check out these 55 useful Google Docs tips to help you save time and get your classes off to a great start.
What's up with the new logo?
See how the Google logo has changed over the years and why a little design refresh was in order. Read the blog post for the full story.
Some of the most requested updates to Classroom
Classroom's latest update includes new ways to host a Q&A in your class stream, the ability to reuse old assignments, the ability to bump posts to the top of class streams, and more. Check out the details here and thanks for your continued feedback.
Educator Spotlight
What do you think that chapter sounds like?

What if reading and writing could be just as engaging to your students as listening to the latest pop song? Kate Baker, 17 year English teacher at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey, is using tech to get her students thinking more deeply about the words on the page. Students in Mrs. Baker’s classroom use an app called Booktrack Classroom to layer sound effects and background music over a piece of writing. The music and sound teaches students to reflect on their writing styles, analyze author’s purpose and tell their story more creatively.

“Understanding how to make writing flow can be difficult for students as they try to get their thoughts on the page. But when they layer in sounds and music, listening to the flow of their ideas, they start thinking like artists, crafting their writing. Students also have trouble detecting tone in a text, but with Booktrack Classroom, the tone is immediately evident when listening to the sounds/music added to the text. It’s the only tool that I’ve found that helps students connect with author purpose and tone in writing.”
kate baker classroom

Students in Kate Baker's English class mix sounds and music together with writing

Teacher's Tools
youtube icon
 SciShow is a YouTube channel that discusses science news, history and concepts. With equal parts skepticism and enthusiasm, they go a little deeper on popular science topics.
youtube iconCrashCourse- CrashCourse provides educational videos aimed at secondary students. Playlists for past courses include Astronomy. World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, Psychology and US History.
classroom icon
Every student on the same page-
 Save class time navigating to websites with the new Share to Classroom extension. “Push” a web link to your class and voila, the Chrome extension opens the page immediately on every student’s device.
the connectory
Get Connected-
Find great STEM learning opportunities for students at The Connectory. Browse programs and resources by age and type to find just the right fit.
cs first iconComputer Science & Google, all together- Now you can see Google’s tools and programs for computer science education all in one place. Browse the new CS website to find the latest Google resources and programs.
mic iconLet your voice do the heavy lifting- Google Docs gets an upgrade with voice typing, a new feature that lets you or your students dictate everything from a new assignment to the rough draft for their latest English essay.
research icon
Research tool in Docs for Android-
Writing papers just got a lot more convenient with the Research tool that allows you to search Google without even leaving the Google Docs Android app.
forms logo
Forms have a new look-
Easily insert images, GIFs, or videos, and choose from some of the great new themes. See all the new updates to Google Forms.
sheets logoEasy charts & insights- Explore in sheets helps you spend less time deciphering your data and more time sharing insights. Explore automatically creates charts and visualizes trends right within your spreadsheet.
Get the ground level tour
A whole lot more Street View
Explore further with new Google Street View app. You and your students can add photos to the user-contributed photo spheres. They can add photos of their community or go to the library and (virtually) explore locations around the world.
Administrator's Corner
New Youtube settings for Google Apps domains- There are tons of educational videos on YouTube, but there’s also content that an organization or school might not consider acceptable. To address this, we’ve launched YouTube settings for all Google Apps domains. This feature gives Apps admins the ability to restrict the YouTube videos viewable for signed-in users, as well as signed-out users on networks managed by the admin. In addition to a default corpus of algorithmically restricted videos, delegated “approvers” can add videos to their domain-specific whitelist. No algorithm is perfect; if a user finds content they deem inappropriate, they can flag it. Admins can give “unrestricted” access to any users they want to have unlimited access to YouTube content. Like YouTube, these settings are an additional service, not a core feature of Google Apps. Visit the help center to learn more.
A leaner, faster Chrome browser- Several recent adjustments allow the Chrome browser to work faster and with less memory, including more efficient tab restoration and smarter management of idle web apps. Learn more about how the new Chrome saves 15% more battery and reduces memory usage by an average 10%.
New features and look for Google Apps Admin mobile app- We recently streamlined some of the most popular admin experiences, integrating admin actions with mobile communications and introducing a new look and feel. Learn more.
Save the Date
Live: Google Science Fair Awards
Find out which projects take home the top prizes from the Google Science Fair 2015. The final event will stream live from Google in California at 7 PM PT. See the finalists' projects and RSVP.
9/25 - 10/2
Take part in the World's Largest Lesson
In honor of the UN adopting the new Global Goals join teachers around the world who are taking part in the World’s Largest Lesson. The site contains teachers’ guides, lesson ideas and info on the goals.
Now - 9/30
Computational Thinking (CT) online course
Want to learn more about how to enhance your teaching practices, regardless of subject, and improve student learning by thinking computationally? Sign up for Google’s free online course on CT now.
Summits featuring Google for Education
Throughout the year Google for Education Certified Trainers lead many live Summits to help you use technology for teaching and learning. See if one is coming to a town near you.
Check out what happens when code and fashion come together. Check out the full #dressedincode story.
P.S. Don't forget to check out...
Walk alongside the elephants
For the first time, Street View imagery is available for Kenya, including views of these amazing African creatures. Explore the Samburu National Reserve in this Street View Trek.

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