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Business Value Snapshot

Businesses across the globe are using DIY-service models, digital signage and kiosk technology to personalize their customer experience. Chrome customers have experienced tremendous value with cost effective, efficient, and user-friendly platforms.  From payback periods to ROI and time saved, get a sneak peek at how other companies have measured their successes with Chrome devices in kiosk mode.

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The Executive Summary

Chrome offers a robust and fluid experience  - fast-booting, always updated, exceptionally secure - that’s unique to the OS. Learn how companies benefit from an evolving ecosystem where people are becoming increasingly comfortable with self-driven interactions.

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The Business Value of Chrome Devices in Kiosk Mode White Paper

Businesses are looking for ways to use technology to empower their employees and drive better experiences for their customers. Immerse yourself in this full white paper to learn the positive impacts Chrome OS can have on your business and the value proposition - lower cost to deploy, easy to maintain, and always secure - to answer the question “Can I afford not to do this?”.

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