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Purchase price

This is the cost of buying a single laptop or desktop. This calculator assumes your company replaces PCs every three years. (Source: NPD Group, Hall & Partners)

Hardware maintenance

A typical warranty is 20% of the total cost of a new PC, paid upfront. This calculator assumes warranties are paid in advance to cover the replacement cost of a computer for three years. (Source: Google customer survey data.; NPD Group)

IT Software & Infrastructure

This category includes software, servers, and other infrastructure for OS patches, system updates, anti-virus protection, and backups, as well as the administrative tools required to manage a single PC annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.; Microsoft Intune rate card)

Management and administrative overhead

This category includes the personnel costs for distributing OS images and managing applications for one end-user's desktop annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.)

End-user Costs

This covers lost productivity due to setup, booting, system outages, troubleshooting, and ongoing fixes for one end-user and their PC annually. (Source: Google customer survey data.)

3 year total cost of ownership

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Example calculations are provided for general informational purposes only, without any implicit or explicit warranty, and do not constitute advice or opinions regarding specific facts. Example calculations are based on internal Google data and publicly available information.